How To Choose The Right Property

To choose the right property, you need to achieve the perfect balance between affordability, attainability and suitability.

Affordability – Find a reputable lender and obtain a pre-approval letter.  A pre-approval letter will allow you to act quickly when you find the home you want to purchase and within your price range.

Attainability – Make out a list of wants and needs for your new home.  As you tour homes, adjust your list and communicate that list to your agent so that they can find homes that match your criteria.

Suitability –  Do you have family and/or friends nearby?  It is convenient for work?  Are there things that you enjoy doing close (parks, theater, etc)? Is the home in the right school district?  Is the home near transportation links?  Is there a train, fire station or busy road within a range that will bother you? Finding-the-Right-Property