What Is Your Motivation To Sell?

At What Price Would You Sell Your Home?

What Is Motivating You To Sell?

We need to determine the best strategy for getting your home sold for the most money, in your time frame, and with the lease amount of hassle.

What Is Market Value? How do we determine Market Value?

Market Value is the price that a buyer is ready, willing, and able to pay and a seller is willing to accept.

We determine that first by evaluating your home versus other homes in your area that are for sale, have contracts pending, and have recently sold.

How Will Your Home Be Marketed?

  • National Listing Distribution Campaign – your property will be on hundreds of websites. Your property will be ALL over the internet!!
  • Webpage – your property will have its own webpage making it easy to share.
  • Professional Photographer
  • Video Tours
  • Open Houses
  • Broker Tours
  • Home Warranty
  • Social Media Marketing